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Terms and Conditions

Orders placed by any method to OriGene prior to 11AM Eastern Time will ship same day via FedEx Priority Overnight service provided that it is an in-stock item. Delivery terms shall be FOB OriGene shipping point, freight will be added to the invoice. Title and risk of loss shall pass to Customer upon delivery to the carrier. OriGene reserves the right to make delivery in installments, all such installments to be separately invoiced and paid for when due per invoice, without regard to subsequent deliveries. Delay in delivery of any installment shall not relieve Customer of Customer抯 obligations to accept remaining deliveries.

Inspection and Returns
Upon your receipt of goods, you shall inspect the goods and notify our Customer Services Department of any claims for shortages, defects or damages. If you fail to so notify us within ten days after you receive the goods, the goods shall conclusively be deemed to conform to these Terms and Conditions and to have been accepted by you. Authorization for all product returns must be approved by our Customer Services Department and a return authorization number given to you prior to the return of goods. Not all items will be authorized for return, due to temperature and packing requirements. Items authorized for return must arrive at our facilities in a state satisfactory for resale to be eligible for product credit. A restocking charge of 20% or $25 (whichever is greater) may be charged on returns that are not the result of any error or fault of ours. Shipping charges will not be credited. Goods may not be returned for credit more than 30 days after your receipt of the goods.

Credits and Refunds
At our discretion, we may issue a product credit or refund for the product value and shipping charges. No product credit shall be available for use if a past due balance is outstanding on the account. Any product credit not used within six months of the date of issue shall expire.

Product Descriptions
The product descriptions provided on this Web Site are for general informational purposes only, and are not warranties or promises regarding the products, their features or performance. If you are interested in further information regarding product pricing, license or sales terms, please contact OriGene's customer service.

OriGene's Web Site, including all written content, and the selection, coordination and arrangement of any information therein, is Copyright 2007 by OriGene Technologies, Inc.

Telephone Recording
OriGene records all calls to and from our Customer Care and Technical Support team for use in our internal customer support training programs and for product development and product improvement projects.

OriGene, TrueClone, HuSH, GFC-Array, FlexClone, CloneSet, RapidScreen, Rapid-Scan, Sure-Race, Multiple-Choice, Blue-Ribbon, DupLEX-A, Rapid-Load, and Longest-Clone, are trademarks of OriGene Technologies, Inc. Other product and company names are trademarks of their respective holders.

OriGene's TrueClone Collection databases may not be copied, reproduced, modified, published, uploaded, downloaded, posted, transmitted, or distributed in any form, and by any means, other than for the purpose of searching for, and, ordering clones. The selection, coordination and arrangement of any information therein is Copyright 2001-2004 by OriGene Technologies, Inc.

OriGene warrants that the product will meet specifications listed. At OriGenes discretion, free replacement of any nonconforming product will be made if OriGene is notified within 30 days of product receipt. This warranty limits OriGenes liability to the cost of replacement of the product in question only. OriGene provides no other warranty, express or implied, and is not liable or responsible for any indirect or incidental damages or loss as a consequence of product use. No warranty is given for products used after the printed expiration date or for products not stored or used according to the product use specifications given. If you experience difficulty with any OriGene product, please contact OriGene Technical Support promptly.

Price Change Policy
OriGene reserves the right to change pricing on its products at its discretion. Should the customer note a non-promotional price change within 30 days of placing an order, they may contact OriGene Customer Support for assistance.

The materials provided at this site are provided "as is", without any warranties of any kind, including warranties for non-infringement of intellectual property. OriGene does not warrant the accuracy, completeness or timeliness of the materials at this site. Changes to the materials at this site may be made at any time without notice. The materials at this site may be out of date and OriGene makes no commitment to update the materials at this site.

Privacy Policy
Use of this Site is subject to a Privacy Policy, which you may at any time print or request as a printed copy by contacting us. Whenever you submit information to OriGene through the Site, you consent to the collection, use, and disclosure of that information in accordance with this Privacy Policy. OriGene reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time by posting the revised policy at this location, but such changes will not affect information provided by you prior to the effective date of the change unless you consent otherwise. Please check back for updates to the Privacy Policy.

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