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OriGene proteins in recent publications

Fully functional proteins purified from transient TrueORF cDNA clone transfections.  Researchers purified GEN1 protein using anti-FLAG M2 affinity column and determined it resolved Holliday junction X0 efficiently in vitro, thus confirming GEN1 is human Holliday junction resolvase.

Identification of Holliday junction resolvases from humans and yeast, Stephen C. Y. Ip, Ulrich Rass, Miguel G. Blanco, Helen R. Flynn, J. Mark Skehel, Stephen C. West, Nature 456, 357 - 361 (20 Nov 2008), doi: 10.1038/nature07470,

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Western Blot分子量标准(带MYC/DDK标签)

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MYC/DDK Tagged Western Blot Molecular Weight Markers MWM1001 Pre-mixed molecular weight markers with 6 over-expression cell lysates with Myc/DDK tags. 23-158 kDa. 50 ug total protein per tube. Sufficient for 50 loads. ¥1663
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Amount 50 ug
Formulation SDS Sample Buffer
Detection Antibodies Anti-Myc Antibody (TA100010), Anti-DDK Antibody (TA50011)
Application Molecular weight markers in Western Blot experiments

Western Blot Image

6 over-expression cell lysates were run in Western Blot experiment, detected with Anti-Myc antibody (TA100010).


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